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Oppenheim Architecture - Chad Oppenheim worked at Miami based architecture firm Architectonica until opening his own practice, Oppenheim Architecture in 1999. Today Oppenheim is known to be an innovator in blending minimalism with environmentally harmonious and sustainable architecture. He has won multiple awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), as well as the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the Smithsonian Design Museum. Oppenheim Architecture maintains offices in Miami, New York and Basel. The firm has completed projects in Rio de Janeiro, Manila, Los Angeles, the Bahamas, Aspen, Jordan, Switzerland, along with other locations in the world.

The concept/design for Space 01 was cited by the AIA.


Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design - Kobi Karp, is known for designing projects that are contextually unique to their locations while being modern and filled with light. Karp is an award winning member of the American Institute of Architects, as well as the American Society of Interior Design. Commercial, residential and multi-family properties throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East number among the award winning designs in the firm's portfolio. 

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